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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sunday CD Vol 149

Sunday CD Vol 149
Sunday CD Vol 149

Next CD Album: Sunday CD Vol 150

Production: Sunday

CD Album Vol: 149

CD Album Title: 11. Sro Nors Pka Korr - Pisey

CD Album Price: 5000R

Artists: Sery Mun| Pisey| Many Ft. Pisey| Veasna| Reaksa Ft. Pisey| Many|

Country: Cambodia

Format: MP3

Last Updated: 12/5/2017

Genre: POP/Romvong/Traditional/Rock



1.11. Sro Nors Pka Korr - Pisey.MP3 04:24N/A
2.10. Kromom Bong Ery - Many.MP3 03:19N/A
3.09. Te Kjei Rovol Te Phek Tom Ne - Veasna.MP3 02:49N/A
4.08. Jam Rom Koo Neng Mom - Reaksa Ft. Pisey.MP3 05:17N/A
5.07. Propun Khnhom Sa Art Jeang Ke - Veasna.MP3 02:47N/A
6.06. Sne Kromom Praek Tmey - Many Ft. Pisey.MP3 04:49N/A
7.05. Dei Khmer Ke Doun Ta - Sery Mun.MP3 04:36N/A
8.04. Tru Ery Tru - Sery Mun.MP3 04:59N/A
9.03. Sne Neak Tver Tru - Pisey.MP3 05:00N/A
10.02. Srok Yerng Sombo Bun - Sery Mun.MP3 03:52N/A
11.01. Niyeay Rerng Neang Kromom - Sery Mun.MP3 04:05N/A

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Call Ring Back Tone Code (Sample)
Sunday CD Vol 149SMS to 855SMS to 2727SMS to 1772
Speak the story of the little girl - Khemarak SereyX35181X88821X245681
Our district is rich in Khmer-Khemara SereyX35182X88822X245682
The love you make Phrao-Sok PiseyX35183X88823X245683
Tho, Truo - Khemarak SereyX35184X88824X245684
Ancestry of Ancestry - Khemarak SereyX35185X88825X245685
Pretty girl - Hang Oudom ManyX35186X88826X245686
My wife is the most beautiful - Keo VeasnaX35187X88827X245687
Stay with me - keep paceX35188X88828X245688
Busy busy drinking-glassesX35189X88829X245689
Girl, Hussein MannyX351810X888210X2456810
Angry Birds - Keo VeasnaX351811X888211X2456811


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