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Thursday, December 29, 2016

M CD Vol 81

M CD Vol 81
M CD Vol 81

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Production: M

CD Album Vol: 81

CD Album Title: 10. Slab Kor Doy Kom Oy Tae Bek Bong - Dalex

CD Album Price: 5000R

Artists: Seyha| Dalex| Vannasak| Kelly|

Country: Cambodia

Format: MP3

Last Updated: 12/13/2017

Genre: POP/Romvong/Traditional/Rock



1.10. Slab Kor Doy Kom Oy Tae Bek Bong - Dalex.MP3 03:58N/A
2.02. Sur Tam Trong Mean Del Klach Bat Bong Knhom Ot - Dalex.MP3 03:35N/A
3.03. Lers - Vannasak.MP3 05:36N/A
4.09. Smos Oun Bong Slab Reu - Kelly.MP3 03:55N/A
5.06. Khom Bomphlech Ret Tae Pi Bak Troim - Kelly.MP3 04:43N/A
6.05. Min Prae Tov Na - Seyha.MP3 04:12N/A
7.01. Mnus Kbot Laor Nas Reu - Seyha.MP3 04:32N/A
8.04. Mean Nisai Neng Oun Oy Veasna Tov Ke - Kelly.MP3 04:43N/A
9.07. Chhlous Trov Chhlous Trov - Dalex.MP3 04:09N/A
10.08. Chom Reab Lea Songsa - Vannasak.MP3 05:04N/A

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Call Ring Back Tone Code (Sample)
M CD Vol 81SMS to 855SMS to 2727SMS to 1772
The traitor is very goodX85771X81151X934431
Frankly, I'm afraid of losing myselfX85772X81152X934432
I have a tendency to fateX85774X81154X934434
Not translatedX85775X81155X934435
Try to forget moreX85776X81156X934436
The argument is rightX85777X81157X934437
Sweetheart sweetheartX85778X81158X934438
I'm sorry, you're deadX85779X81159X934439
Let's not dieX857710X811510X9344310


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